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Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring

CCTV Security Monitoring

Are you Currently Employing a Security Guard to Protect Your Business?

Let Michigan Camera Systems show you how to increase your CCTV coverage and cut your costs in half!

CCTV Security Monitoring

We combine the all the benefits of a 24-hour threat monitoring service and a live CCTV video feed of your site to deflect intruders the moment they trespass. Once our monitoring station is alerted to the intruder’s presence, a live person will broadcast a verbal warning to the intruder including details of clothing and location so the intruder knows he’s been spotted and is on camera. If the intruder ignores the warning, our operators can lead authorities directly to the intruder’s location. Whatever the outcome, it is 100% effective.

Our “smart” CCTV cameras can differentiate people from vehicles, wildlife, and trash blowing around in the wind. Never be woken up in the middle of the night by a false alarm again. With video verification, nothing is left to chance. Guards are only human and fall asleep, cameras don’t sleep! Guards play games on their phones, camera’s do not. Guards can be late, CCTV cameras are always on time and working. Increase your security ten fold for a fraction of the cost of your current guard service.

"smart" CCTV cameras

Auto dealerships and car rental companies maintain valuable inventory that requires protection from theft and vandalism after hours. Lots located in offsite locations are especially vulnerable. Michigan Camera Systems’ intelligent CCTV video surveillance service provides cost-effective 24/7 monitoring of areas of interest. Real-time alerts can be sent to your email, smartphone, or a monitoring center for immediate assessment and response.

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