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Digital Network HD Video Recorders

Digital Network HD Video Recorders

Record and Archive Surveillance Video
Easier than CCTV

Digital Network HD Video Recorders

Using the latest technology, Michigan Camera Systems will show you how easy it is to maintain a library of everything happening in your metro-Detroit business, at your back door, or on the production line.

memory card

Depending on your specific needs, we will show you systems that record to a DVR, record to the cloud, record to a memory card, and easily download to portable media devices, such as an external hard drive or USB flash drive.

Get the Best Deal in Michigan on a Professional Digital and Network Video Recorders.

Digital and Network Video Recorders

Recording your surveillance is the most important reason to install a professional security camera system for your business. Just having cameras will deter some illegal action, but in the event illegal activity takes place, you’ll want to have it recorded. Traditionally, the digital surveillance video recorder (DVR) is the most important part of your Security Surveillance System- and also the most costly. They can capture and record hours of surveillance from one or multiple cameras. By helping you identify what features you really need and which ones are just nice to have, we will narrow down your selection. We will consider your potential for adding more cameras in the future, and most importantly, we will make sure the system is user-friendly.

Michigan Camera Systems

Our Digital Video Systems for Business Security have Several Features to Choose from, Including:

Multi-channel viewing & playback
Time & calendar search, event search, system log search
Back up to hard disc, CD/DVD/USB drive
Remote monitoring via laptop, iPhone, Blackberry, Android
PTZ control
Live monitoring, remote playback and file backup
Email notification
H.264 compression
Unlimited camera capability
Up to 480 frame per second recording Continuous, scheduled, motion detection recording
Pre & post-alarm recording
Panic recording
Storage to meet your needs

Full System Training Included with all Surveillance Equipment Purchases

Full System Training

Michigan Camera Systems will ensure you and your designated team will understand and be able to operate the business security system you choose. We can also provide a service package that includes inspection, service and repair on a regular basis. Whether you have one camera or 100, you will be able to monitor and record your operations at your convenience.

Want Complete Control over Your Operations? Check out our Remote Access Service!

Service and installation for these makes and models and more

Service and installation